Amulet of eloquence and poetry


Amulet is a collection of ancient magical symbols, united to help the holder to find the right words at the most opportune moment.

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Poets are the guardians of Celtic history and culture. Traveling from town to town, the poet was most wanted to entertain the middle, a provider of all the news and the most eloquent composer and reciter of the epic and heroic poem.

The design of the amulet consists of powerful sigils' various angels and alchemical symbols. These symbols are used to create powerful magic to allow poets and writers to find the right word in the most opportune moment.

The reverse of this amulet is: "Stamp of eloquence" or "Seal of Mercury. It contains the names of powerful angels, magical words and Latin phrases, all of which help greatly to increase the power of the amulet, which enhances the natural inspiration and help for all your writing .... poems, plays and books, even personal diary!

Anyone wishing to start a career in radio, television, stage and screen will achieve it because "amulet for poets and writers" is a powerful and inspiring tool.

These incredibly beautiful Amulets are handmade with built-in ancient symbols, combining wisdom, magic and mystery.

Convenient to carry a key ring or pendant.

Amulet has a diameter of 26 mm. and weighs about 10 grams.

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Amulet of eloquence and poetry

Amulet of eloquence and poetry

Price: 45.00лв.